Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)

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Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)

“Trance Sensation Vol. 3” contains 20 brand new trance construction kits spread out over an incredible 2.88GB of sample material!

Volume 3 has gone back to the melodic roots of trance and impresses with complex and extremely sophisticated compositions. All tracks are included as individual WAV loops with FX (wet) and without (dry) as well as with and without sidechain compression (SC). All loops are also precisely cut to loop, meaning when imported into a loop player or sequencer, they run automatically synchronized to the rest.

As usual in this series, all melody lines are included as MIDI files, so one can easily change or adapt the harmonies. All FX such as Snare Rolls, Up/Downlifter etc. are also included. An inexhaustible, gigantic source of ideas and inspiration, which no modern trance producer should ignore!Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)

Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)


  • 20 newly composed and recorded trance anthems
  • more than 2,880 MB / 750 files (Construction Kits consist of loops)
  • includes notes and BPM information on drums, melodies, pads, fx, basslines, etc.
  • song kits contain verses (build ups), chorus and breaks
  • dry (without effects) and wet (effects) versions
  • includes MIDI files for all melody-based tracks
  • fast and easy to implement in your production – looped, accurately cut
  • Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)

  • Trance Sensation Vol.3 (Vengeance SamplePack)