Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)

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Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)

Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)



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20 brand new and incredibly extensive Trance Construction Kits are here waiting to be discovered.

‘Trancemaster’ Dennis Sheperd has opened his sound archive of epic arpeggios, driving basslines,

thunderous beats and masterful compositions, delivering all the ingredients that will send any crowd into Trance-Extasy!

Just as in Volume 1, all the elements have been created with the greatest attention

to even the smallest details and are available as individual loops (in dry and wet versions, verse and refrain).

No limits have been set in the area of creative possibilities:

All MIDI files used in producing this collection are included to allow full editing of all sequences!

As usual, every one of the 20 Construction Kits also comes with accurate BPM and pitch information and is cut to loop perfectly.

A real treasure trove for every Trance producer!

Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)

Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)


created by Dennis Sheperd

over 1,310 MB / 580 files (Construction Kits consist of loops)

20 newly composed and recorded trance anthems

includes notes and BPM information on drums, melodies, pads, fx, basslines, etc.

song kits contain verses (build ups), chorus and breaks

dry (without effects) and wet (with effects) versions

includes MIDI files for all melody-based tracks

fast and easy to implement in your production – looped, accurately cut

Trance Sensation Vol.2 (Vengeance SamplePack)